Doing, To Do, Never Done

Sat down with Zephyr today and we made a list of all the projects she is currently working on as well as a few she plans on doing. 

1. Wrote a Play, now casting it, will conduct acting classes and then direct the play
2. Write poem a Day
3. Interior decorating Dollhouse
4. Sewing raccoon stuffed animal
5. Composing song for summer symposium
6. Playing piano
7. Playing guitar
8. Arduino programming
9. Writing The Odd Ones Out book
10. Journaling daily
11. Ken Burns Civil War
12. Birding
13. Watching Science and Math videos
14. Choreograph dance to Grease songs
15. Reading fiction
16. Drawing Manga superheros for graphic novel
17. Writing Workshop – Harry Potter Collaboration and writing poetry
18. Junior Model UN
19. Odyssey of the Mind
20. Naturalist
21. Problem Solving Games at home
22. US Government class
23. Current Events class
24. Biology class
25. French
26. Hebrew
27. Circus Aerials
28. Girl Choir
29. Just Dance exercise
30. History of music 1950 – 2013.
31. Make a Harry Potter Board Game
32. Learning about acoustics and carpentry helping B build recording studio

To Do – Soon
1. Photography – get the camera.
2. Make a Flower Journal – Get Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady
3. Research “Behind The Scenes” of movies, for Mockumentary
4. Make more personalized shirts
5. Find Math resources – try Kahn Academy

To Do – Later
1. Going to museums downtown
2. Learn how to garden
3. Swimming
4. Sew costumes
5. Write a musical

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