Our journey transitioning from homeschooling to unschooling with our 11yo daughter.

Meet the Exploration Team:

Zephyr Bly – Argonaut and Lead Guide

Skills – Survival, Foreign Languages, Diplomacy, Aerial Acrobatics, Poetry, Musical Instruments, Singing, Creative Problem Solving, Sailing, Swimming, Archery, Cryptology and Navigation.

Agatha Jayne – Argonaut, Scribe and Mentor

Skills – Map Making, Orienteering,  Martial Arts, Folklore, Biblotherapy, Knife-throwing, Fencing, Writing, Collecting, Etiquette, Raconteur, and Finder of Lost Things.

Cornelius Hodgepocket: Argonaut, Technician and Mentor

Skills – Cooking, Carpentry, Sarcasm, Engineering, Whip, Demolitions, Musical Instruments, Singing, Capoeira, MacGyvering, Physical Sciences, and Sleeping-In.

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